The hot and cold fluids in in-line exchangers flow in opposite directions. Parallel flow or co-current heat exchangers are those in which the fluids flow in the same direction; counter flow or counter-current exchangers are those in which the fluids flow in the opposite direction. Alaqua is processing equipment such as heat exchanger equipment supplier based in the USA.
The "cold" fluid's output temperature can never surpass the "hot" fluid's outlet temperature in a parallel flow heat exchanger. When the exit temperatures are identical, the exchanger is at its most efficient.
Counter flow heat exchangers are more efficient than parallel flow heat exchangers because the temperature differential between the fluids is more consistent along the whole length of the fluid path. The "cold" fluid might escape at a higher temperature than the "hot" fluid. Many industrial heat exchangers, on the other hand, are more sophisticated. Fluids may go to the end of a unit and then back, maybe numerous times, to conserve space. A pass occurs each time a fluid passes through the length. For instance, one fluid may make two passes while the other makes four. As a result, sections of the heat exchanger may be co-current while others are counter-current, and calculations must account for this.
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