As education systems are still trying to recover from the losses due to the pandemic, education policymakers are struggling to find practical ways to continuously improve and support TPD. Online teacher professional development helps experienced teachers and teacher leaders through workshops and online courses. Many knew about the availability of such courses but they did not know where to go online to find them and get enrolled.
Most online professional development involves facilitators, mentor training, and custom-designed online training development programs. Hybrid learning programs are face-to-face programs for effective professional development in an online system composed largely of readings and videos.
ecadema offers a user-friendly interface to professional trainers andonline professional learningalong with one-to-one live sessions providing rigorous personal and professional training to corporate professionals.
Learners might get distracted or feel unmotivated sometimes during an e-learning experience. These hurdles prevent active participation and engagement with online learning programs.
To counteract this, interactive and immersive e-learning platforms should be adopted for e-learning and join online professional development courses according to their interests, aligning with their career objectives.